New Service-Lib

What I need to enter under file or link to of New Service in lib

as in Uipath RPA Acadmey they have entered a URL


For cloud:[AccountLogicalName]/[TenantLogicalName]:443/swagger/docs/V2

For On-Premise:
https://[orchestrator url]:443/swagger/docs/V2

For cloud information:

Viewing API Access Information

  1. In the Services page, click the dots button next to a service and select the API Access option. The API Access window is displayed with the following service-specific information:
  • Account Logical Name - your unique site URL, (for example yoursiteURL ). Read more about it here.
  • Tenant Logical Name - the service’s logical name. It may differ from the tenant’s name as it is displayed in the Services page. In this example, the tenant name is MirelaDefault while the tenant logical name is MirelaDefaukvvd01326 .

Thanks @DanielMitchell but whats d diff between cloud and a platform? It seems both taking to same page.

What if I have to enter other URL like twitter API?

how to convert loginmodel.password as secure string