New projects no longer include project files when downloading from orchestrator


 Just recently we noticed a change in how downloading a processes from orchestrator no longer includes the actual project files.

To replicate what I am talking about:

  1. Login to Orchestrator
  2. Select the folder
  3. Select the Automations tab (this is for a folder package based folder)
  4. Select Folder Packages (Sub tab)
  5. Select the thee dots to the right of the package you want to download
  6. Select view versions
  7. select the three dots for the version you want to download
  8. download package

Extracting the file:

  1. Rename the .nupkg file to .zip
  2. Extract zip file
  3. Inside the extracted file navigate to the following direcotry

In side the net45 directory on our older (Possibly just 32bit?) projects we always had the entire automation folder, minus images.

We noticed recent files no longer have all of the .xaml files

Is there a way to re-enable this? Does anybody any information on the change?


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Please check this

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