New packages are missing from activity pannel in uipath v2021.10

i recently updated my studio to 2021.10.0

then after that, all of my newly installed packages are not showing , whenever I’m restarting the studio
or indifferent projects as well
and my previous shortcut of the studio got deleted as well

so …how to fix this

please help

Thank you

Make sure in the Manager Packages tab, the Official source is selected.

Packages being downgraded or removed after every restart is linked to the feed settings of the studio.

Hello @Jiban_Kumar_Das, can you please give an example of what packages are not showing? If you can share a screenshot would help alot.

We are aware of the shortcut removal, actually, I think it was a pin on taskbar, not the actual Shortcut? Anyway, we have this on our to-do list.