New Orchestrator feature - Unattended Robot Setup

Hello, UiPath Community!

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Orchestrator that makes setting up unattended automation a breeze! As you know, unattended automation is a powerful tool that enables tasks to be performed independently, without any human involvement. While the end result may appear simple, the setup process requires some configuration know-how. To simplify this, we have created the Unattended Robot Setup option, streamlining the process and getting you up and running faster than ever!

To access the Unattended Robot Setup, simply navigate to the Create New menu in the Orchestrator toolbar, in the Robots or Machines pages at the tenant level, and select the option. You’ll be guided through a series of easy-to-follow steps, each accompanied by detailed instructions, helpful tips, and direct links to create any necessary objects. Please note that the link may be disabled due to missing permissions - please see our documentation for more details.

Accessing the Unattended Robot Setup in the UiPath Orchestrator interface

As of now, the setup process is based on a default self-hosted machine template, but we’re working on adding more options in the near future. Clicking Get Started allows you to begin selecting the required Orchestrator objects for your unattended automation, including the machine template, robot account, folder(s), and provide the necessary connection settings along with checking the real-time machine connection status.

Here’s a brief overview of the setup process for a self-hosted unattended robot:

  1. Select or create a machine template on which your unattended automation will run.
  2. Choose or create an unattended robot account to serve as the identity under which the automation will function.
  3. Select the folder(s) where the necessary resources (machine template, robot account) will be provisioned.
  4. See the Connection information required for connecting the machine to Orchestrator and see the real-time machine status.

We hope that this new Unattended Robot Setup functionality will save you time, effort, and ultimately streamline your automation workflows. Feel free to share your experience, ask questions, or provide any feedback you may have in this thread!

Happy automating!