New logs exporting functionality

do you have in team someone who really use Orchestrator on daily basis or you are just making changes to make it?

From such simple thing, like one-click download of process logs you did something like:

  1. Click Export button,
  2. Click some no-sense popup,
  3. and 3rd click to go to my reports
  4. click download (becasue till this time I was only pretending that I want to download it… right?)
  5. just save it on drive without giving user possiblity to choose location or just open it,
  6. save it in .zip!!! so I have to extract it before I can finally see logs

Why are you doing things like this? From simple 2 click task - click export - click open, doing something what makes our everyday life with Orchestrator harder. Like it is not enough that it cannot do such simple thing like remember columns I want to see and ones I do not.

Hi Pawel,
Thank you for your feedback.

The behavior changes you outlined came about because we redesigned the export functionality to move it to the background. (docs here). The previous way (even though it was pretty simple to use for little data) was causing issues when users attempted to download big chunks of data, not only impacting our cloud performance but also causing timeouts (and therefore users not being able to get their data). Another advantage of the background download is that you can continue working in Orchestrator while the report is being done (but we understand this does not apply when there is only little data).

Regarding the zip file format, we had to provide the archived document in order to increase the creation speed for the report, not necessarily to only save on storage.

In summary, these changes were necessary in order to improve performance of the product and the reliability of the export for big chunks of data. We really did not mean to make your working experience with Orchestrator more difficult. We will take another look at the flow in order to see if we can improve it (at first sight at least step 2 with the popup could be skipped).

Please continue to send your feedback so we can use it to improve our product.
Thank you.
Corina Marginas
Product Manager

Hi Corina,
thanks for so detailed reply!

I totally understand your point of view in the terms of improving performance, indeed experience with download of global logs were rather bad on user side. I think we can call it a trend for Cloud Orchestrator that you are looking for optimizations eg. queue retention polices, incoming jobs retention and so on.

But it is about finding happy medium - optimize and keep user experience good - for small logs it is far from optimal.

Yep, agreed. We’ll be taking a look at it in the next month to see if we can optimize further.

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Hi @p0tfur, we released today on community some improvements to the download report functionality. The details are here: If you are using an enterprise version, the changes should trickle down in the next couple weeks. Hope this helps.

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Great news, thank you for efforts!