New Group Alerts feature gradually rolling out in Orchestrator

Hello, UiPath community!

Today we are pleased to announce that starting July/August, Orchestrator will support group-level alerts out of the box, by integrating with AD/AAD and resolving local user group membership. You will be able to create and configure Group Alerting subscription profiles in Orchestrator, similar to how current User Alerting subscription profiles work.

Previously, Orchestrator admins would have to do an explicit Role assignation (with the Alerts.View permission) at User level for each user that needed to receive alerts – this will no longer be the case going forward. To avoid any unwanted Alerts, for all existing groups we will be rolling out this feature with all groups unsubscribed from alerting events, so make sure to go and enable the subscription where needed.

Keep in mind that users will still be able to unsubscribe from an alert even if they belong to a group subscription. However, if an Orchestrator admin wants to enforce receiving specific alerts, they can do so by changing the user’s subscriptions settings, or on the contrary, disable the alerts of an entire group altogether.

We hope this update will make alerts management simpler for you, and are looking forward to your feedback here on the forum, along with what you’d like to see next.

Thank you!


Is this now available for Enterprise?