New features for UiPath Activity Creator


I’m writing to present two features that I think are not available yet, but maybe I’m mistaken and some are already available.

Today I was looking the new Marketo activities and found 3 features in the designer that I think it would be awesome if there where included as functionalities of the custom activity creator:

  1. Indicate the direction of the property (In, Out, In/Out)
  2. Indicate the property type
  3. Add a scrollbar for those activity’s which have a lot of parameters in the designer

I’ve highlighted the three in the next screenshot:

One other thing, does the activity creator allow the creation of a scope like this one with a button that prompts a wizzard? If not, it may be a good feature to be available to do this and that the skeleton of the wizzard (an empty wizzard or a fixed template) is automatically created and which the developer can then edit.

I copied your feedback to this topic directly to make it simpler for myself (we have some robots that push it to our internal tracker when we want to :slight_smile:)

Sorry for not that of a timely reply. We’ll consider it for future versions.

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