New excel file every run

Hi, how to create a new excel file every run but static values and format will stay and the values that the robot filled will be removed on the new excel file?

Hi @jufghd
Can you please elaborate more, what you want to do

What I want to achieve is everytime my bot runs it will create new excel file and will use the format of the original file.

@jufghd can you give me excel file. I want to check it is possible or not.

sorry cant attach file im just a new user. but here is the example template

Press the mouse on the “Run” button. An input box appears asking for a cell range. Select a cell range and press the left mouse button on the “OK” button. Worksheets are now added automatically to the workbook and named correspondingly after the values in the cell range.


Hello @jufghd

You can keep a static excel with the required formats. Each time during the execution, use the Move File activity and then move it to the required folder.