New Excel Application Scope - Invisible App

The new Excel Application Scope is nice, but I have some problems, and one is my program do not like that the Excel Dokument become visible when I manipulate data on the ExcelWorkbook, I have a program I’m scraping data from, and the popup of the Excel Workbook in the middle of this, disturbes the run of the macro.

I want to make Excel Silent, so I can add / edit / Delete data on the Excel Workbook without it become visible or is shown.

How to do this ?

Use the activities under System -> File -> Workbook.

They work directly with the file (no Excel app needed). Only xlsx is supported.

You just make me code all my Excel code to use the App Integration / Excel, then you tell med to use the old code.

There must be a way to tell Excel App to do Things Quiet / Silent / No show. No need to open Excel Workbook visualy to write into cells.

Does App Integration / Excel support .XLSM ? Then I need App version

I use the macro in the Excel workbook to do Things.

In Excel vba. you can tell Excel not to show workbook when you are doing macro with this command:

Application.ScreenUpdateing = FALSE


Application.ScreenUpdateing = TRUE

Do you have something the same in your App ?

I need this very much

Actually there is

The Excel Application Scope has a property called Visible. Uncheck the checkbox and you’ll make it work without seeing any Microsoft Excel

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