New enterprise-scale features now live!

With today’s regular update of Automation Cloud, we’re excited to announce that the following new enterprise-scale features have moved out of preview to be fully available (some today, some last week).

These features focus on lowering your total cost of ownership for automation and making your automation environment easier to manage with better compliance.

Automation Cloud for Enterprise customers can now exclusively take advantage of:

Azure AD Integration : Customers with an Azure AD get automatic user onboarding to UiPath, simplified sign-in experience for users and – perhaps most importantly – the ability to use those Azure AD groups and users to assign permissions in Automation Cloud services for centralized management. Learn more here.

Tenant Region Selection : You can now select a specific hosting region for each new tenant in the UI when you first create the tenant. Learn more here.

The following are available to all our Automation Cloud customers, enterprise or community:

Elastic Robot Orchestration: Automatically provision and scale your licensed Unattended Robots in VM’s as needed in your AWS or Azure public cloud (Google Cloud coming soon)! Automation Cloud Orchestrator assesses the queue of jobs and spins up Robot capacity when you need it, then saves you public cloud compute money by shutting it down when you don’t. Learn more here.

OAuth 2.0 for apps : Enable users to authorize 3rd party apps with limited, controllable access to your resources within UiPath - without sharing any credentials. Learn more here.

We’ll be talking a lot more about these as part of our broader 21.4 UiPath Platform launch events in the next few weeks, but we wanted to let you know they are available right now in Automation Cloud, with no additional UiPath licensing requirements – so we hope you will take advantage of them to make your enterprise automation easier, more cost-effective and more compliant.

We also want to say a big “thank you!” to our UiPath Insiders and others who deployed preview versions of these capabilities during the final stages of development. Your additional effort, feedback and partnership have made them better for all our customers today, and we appreciate the extra cycles you put in.

Finally, because we update Automation Cloud every two weeks, if you really want to be up-to-the-minute on new features, we encourage you to regularly check out the Automation Cloud release notes, which are posted as new features go live. Avid readers of the release notes are always the first to know, and there is much more exciting capability to come in Automation Cloud!