New courses on the Academy for Studio and Orchestrator 2018.3!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that two new courses were added to the Academy:

These two include all the feedback gathered from you along the way and will, for the time being, run parallel with the previous courses.

If you are working with the newest version of Studio and Orchestrator, you definitely want to check these out!

Enjoy them and spread the news!


Much awaited, it is time to go Back To School :joy::sweat_smile:


Yes prankurjoshi :joy::joy:

I loved the new intro and end music.:heart_eyes:

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Much awaited for this update :grinning::grinning:

its good to have the trainings like this.

Thankq UiPath … You are always keep updating us… Back to school :school: :running_man::running_man:

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It is very useful. I am about to complete 9th lesson. Thank you Team for making this.


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Is there a way to un-enroll from the old version of the Level 1 course? The “- revamped” version? I don’t like seeing an uncompleted item in my courses that I don’t intend to take. :slight_smile:

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What is the difference between RPA-Foundation “revamped” and “2018.3”? I’m working with 2018.3, so should I only do the Course 2018.3 or will I miss something from the “revamped”?

Thank you!

Hi @mm1904

The 2018.3 is simply an newer one :slight_smile:

I would definitely do this one (same content and it also covers new features introduced in 2018.3) .

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Thank You!

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