New Chrome Extension

Hi, after extension update our bots stopped working, they can’t find any selector.
In studio You can indicate element and validation is green, but when You click validate button again it turns red. Anyone facing the same problem?

Yes i have the same issue too

Hi @michal.k,

A few collegues are facing the same issue, but only on certain websites like SharePoint.

Yeah, same problem here.


here also happening

Looks like after updating robots to 20.4.3 and UIAutomation activity to the latest version it’s running ok

Still not working

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it doesn’t solve all the problems

@gheorghestan & @loginerror

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This is a critical issue, it’s impacting all of our robots, can you guys help?

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After the update all the selectores stopped working, even after updating the packages for UiPath AutomationActivities it still doesnt work.

Is it possible to rollback the extension to the previous version of the extension?

We spotted an issue with processes using UIAutomation package 18.4.*. Our team is working on a fix.
In the meantime, if possible, updating to UIAutomation 19.4 or 20.4 fixes the issue.

not here. it still does not work

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Hi @loginerror, thanks for looking into this.

We were seeing the same problem with version 19.11.1 of the UIAutomation package, updating to 20.4 didn’t fix it - some cases seem to no longer fail, but others still do.


Thank you for reporting back. I am forwarding any issues to our team immediately.

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For any Enterprise customer with this issue, I strongly advise to open a ticket with our technical support via this form:


Ticket was open. :wink:


@fmiguelsoares please provide details. To what UIAutomation version have you update to? What errors you see when you hover over the extension icon in the browser? Thanks

Here we are using 20.4.* package and it is not working.

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We can’t update bots to 20.4 since we are only on version 2018.4 of UiPath. We will encounter even more issues with discrepancies in versions… This is frustrating. Can’t you just roll back to the previous version of the Chrome extension?