New Chrome Browser Instance without logged in in to application

I am creating a simple flow
1- Open chrome browser
2- Enter username and password
3- Click Login
4- Login successfully

Now first time I execute the flow, it worked successfully.
No browser were opened apart from launched browser and after login through UIPath, manually close this browser also.

Now when I trigger the sequence again then browser opened and application opened in already logged in state, not like fresh instance as in Selenium fresh instance is opened every time asking to login.

Please let me know how to rectify this flow so that I can launch the page every time from initial sate rather logged in to application.


In “Open browser” set “Private” to True:

Don’t forget to allow the UiPath Chrome plugin to work in private mode :slight_smile:

But I think it is good practice to always sign out from the application in the end of the process. You could also add a function that checks if you already are signed in to the website after you have launched it.