New Callout activity, avoid dismiss warning

Hi everyone,

I’m using the new callout activity, and found it nice and useful.
I’m using it to notice the user that the robot is performing it’s activities, especially when those activities are time consuming and, without any notice, the user could get confused whether RPA is working or not.
I have a problem because when a user clicks on the “x” button, the callout closes and automatically pops-up a warning saying
The Callout will be closed without any actions. Press OK to proceed to close it or Cancel to go back to the Callout”.
For my use case, this is a problem as I need to let the user to just close the callout without any warning which could be very misleading.

Many thanks,
Giovanni Romeo

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we can mention the TIMER property with some milliseconds value in it
so that it will show the user with a prompt message and it will get closed automatically as well
like mention the timer property with value like 1000 or 2000 (milliseconds) so that it will show the user that prompt for 1 or 2 seconds and it will get closed automatically
usually it wont get closed by default unless we mention the timer property

Cheers @gromeo

Hi @Palaniyappan,

thanks for the response. Unfortunately the timer property is not the solution, at least in my use case, as I have to keep the “message to the user” visible all the time during the execution of the RPA process, to let the user know that the robot is working. The idea was to have a message box in the lower right corner of the screen, above the Windows taskbar.


yah that can be done with CALLOUT activity itself,
the one suggested was due to the fact considering that , if the message box or a prompt window hides any element tat we are accessing along the process then it would be a issue…so to let know user and also it must vanish automatically, thats why suggested TIMER property in CALLOUT activity which will show the user whether the intended activity worked or not and gets vanished after few seconds that we have mentioned in the TIMER property

Cheers @gromeo


but the problem of the dismiss warning message remains. It looks like it cannot be circumvented.

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