New blank project only has the Main.xaml file and consists of a single Throw activity. The activity is not enclosed in a Try Catch activity. If this process is published and run from Orchestrator, what is the expected result?

A. Exception Pop-up is displayed on the robot machine.
B. Job is completed with a “Stopped” state.
C. Job is completed with a “Successful” state.
D. Job is completed with a 'Faulted" state.

Please explain the answer



Exception is thron but not handled …which means its unhandled exception


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Hi @Akbar_Badhusa
The correct option is D

If you want to test this scenario, you can create a new blank UiPath project, add a Throw activity to the Main.xaml file, and then publish and run the process from Orchestrator. You should see an error indicating that the workflow has failed.

Kaviyarasu N

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