New Activity to Extract File Information


For many automation projects that are based on files saved in different drives require easy extraction of file properties to carry out their automation activities. However, basic properties will cover only the creation date, modified date and some similar properties. What if you need more property details?

Each file type can different properties. If you are dealing with mp4 files for example, it contain a lot of properties like the bit rate, directors, frame rate etc. If you need to perform automation tasks using these detail properties of files, this new activity comes in handy. The new activity will extract every possible detail of any type of a file.

You just need to give the file path, and it will return a Dictionary<String, String> output with the property name and its value.

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Very nice activity

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Hi, i have been trying to get it to work but i am failing…

it does not output anything … i was ouputing in a message box

hi @sibusisomkhonto

Can you add a breakpoint on the activity and run in debug mode. Once it reach the activity, do a step into to execute the activity. Now in the locale panel, check the output variable to see whether it has any values…

Can you check and let me know

help me please

help me

Hi, thank you coming back to me… but i have managed already… it works perfectly fine now…

Hello, am wondering if more file properties are going to be added, such as Last Saved By? We have an automation where that would be most useful as the users are using the template file to start and as such the author is the same in all cases.