New activity Block User Input blocks Click Activity

Hi all!

I was testing the new activity “Block User Input” and works great, but i’ve seen that blocks the Click activity as well. So i can’t use it for the moment.

Has anyone seen that behavor with the activity “Block User Input”?

Thank you!

Hi @miguel-angel.calvo

Could you provide a sample project to showcase your issue?

Hi @loginerror

Yes. I attach a sample project showing the issue. Please, change the Start node to switch between the blocked version and the non blocked version.

The thing happens when the Click Activity has the SimulateClick checked. (11.2 KB)

Thank you, there is indeed an issue here. We will look into it, thank you for reporting!

This should now be fixed and will be available in the next release (if urgent, you can see the fix in the Beta version of the Community Edition).

Thank you @loginerror

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