Network path not found

Hi all,

2 units held in single tenant let’s say for example, tenant 1 and tenant 2. Tenant 1 reports issue of network path was not found. As well as could not connect to server. However, no issues on our network or server and tenant 2 has not reported any issues.

Please help.



Anyone with any pointers regarding the above posting?


I have the same exact problem right now. We have provided access to the robot machine to access files from a certain network path. Tested it in 2 environments, the 2nd one did not work. We made sure all permissions are in place. Seems weird that it worked on 1st robot machine, on the 2nd it didn’t.

Anyone can share insights?

Do you have more details on the error? Or a screenshot of it? I’ve had something similar recently but want to make sure it’s the same issue before providing a solution :slight_smile:

Hi AWoz,

Please share your solution , we may check on that

It came down to folder permissions on where the studio project was stored. I moved my project to a more open location like desktop and it fixed my issue.

It wasn’t really related to the network as the error suggested but rather folders and permissions.

Hi Awoz,

Thanks for your reply, the above means to move our project folder to desktop ???

Yes, try save your project to the desktop and see if that helps :slight_smile: