Network Error Stops Loop Without Logging Error


I’m creating a bot that downloads a set of large files from the internet. Occasionally when downloading a large file I will run into a ‘Network Error’ and the download will fail. I have been using a Wait for Download activity to signal to the loop to start downloading the next file. UiPath Debugger does not log any errors when this occurs.

I’ve tried using a Try Catch activity, but since UiPath doesn’t log this error, it never goes to the ‘Catch’ part and just stays in the Wait for Download Activity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am also happy to provide additional detail if helpful :slight_smile:

The activity just checks if there’s a new file in a specified folder. So if there’s no new file after the timeout, it will just proceed to the next step.

I would suggest to check explicitly the specified folder, if there’s a new file that has been added so you can do your desired next step (e.g. retry to download, throw error message)

Hello Sarah,
For downloading large files I have this movie: