Network Configuration Requirements (ports, etc)



Greetings ~

I am trying to identify if there are any network requirements for UiPath, specifically open port requirements for communication between Orchestrator/Robots, or things of this nature, etc.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Thank you, but I don’t have permissions to see that link.




Hey @Scott

That link is accessible for Enterprise users so if you wants to access that register with your company email id or update your organization email id and if still you will face any problem let them know here @Corneliu_Niculite.



I’ve been in contact with Corneliu, I am sure he would approve of this.
Which account do I need my corporate email address, on?
I find I have three separate accounts with UiPath… one for forums, academy and demo.
Only my academy account does not have my “corporate email” on it.
Thank you.


ok if you have sign up with your corporate email id here on forum then @Corneliu_Niculite will white list your email id or domain :slight_smile: wait for his response :slight_smile:



Thank you, again.