.NET runtime error when running uirobot in remote desktop environment

Hi, Team.
.NET runtime errors frequently occur when running robots in a remote desktop environment.

The following error is recorded in Event Viewer’s log.

  1. .Net Runtime: Process was aborted due to an unhandled exception.
  2. ApplicationError: Name of the application in which the problem occurred: 'UiRobot.exe
    Name of the failing module: aahook.dll_unloaded
  3. UiPath: Job “robot name” stopped due to unexpected process termination!

The situation when this error occurred is as follows.

  1. Log on as another user :arrow_right: Open the CSV file or UiPath log file referenced by the robot :arrow_right: Log on again as the original user
  2. Implement “delay until time” Activity in “While” Activity and process at designated time every day :arrow_right: Logon to Remote Desktop after Robo processing is completed once

Is there any way to resolve this error?
Thank you in advance