.NET extension methods limitations

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Consider the folowing extension method in a .NET library:

public static bool IsBetween<T>(T minor, T major) where T : IComparable<T> 
        // ... implementation

The extension method allows me to test any number like:

(10).IsBetween(5, 15) 

In the UiPath, the intellisense does not recognize this extension method because it seems not understand that “int” implements “IComparable”.

If I write the same extension method like this way:

public static bool IsBetween(int minor, int major) 
        // ... implementation

The UiPath recognizes it!

There are any chances to improve UiPath in this subject?

In some cases intelisense hangs but in which namespace is this method defined? Is this namespace one of the imported?

From architectural Viewpoint as IT IS a Extension somewhere this needs to be defined. Maybe some additional nuget package hast to be referenced as well.

Yes, I added an additional nuget package that I always use in my .NET projects called Xal.
The extension remains in Xal.Extensions namespace which was also imported but the UiPath does not recognized it.

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@alexandretperez Hi Alex. Have you already found a solution for this? I’ve got exactly the same issue.

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check if the nuget package / extension is referenced by the dependency manager
check if the namespace is imported (imports)
check the xaml - as described here: