.NET custom activity needed for checkbox that unable determine by robot

Team - learning this - while POC being developed we see that ROBOT failed couple of times out of 10 runs while identifying the checkbox in a webpage and to tick the check box. right now we are using selector or anchor base both arent accurate at times. So would like to see if there is a way that I can create .NET custom activity which would make the check box ticked? I was asked to create custom activity but not sure if this is feasible.

any directions appreciated while i am exploring Computer Vision as this issue is in VDI machines


Have you tried using check activity


Check activity as well not able to find the checkbox in few runs and fails. the check box in in small separate frame where the selectors or anchors not giving the right coordinates since its in Virtual machine. thus there was a suggestion to make it as a custom activity with .NET code but not sure how that helps in this case.

If it’s a remote machine we could go for a custom activity easily but as it is a vdi machine we need to think a bit on it
While I would suggest to go for computer vision activity that would work I guess, not sure as you say it’s there in a separate frame, but if it’s there straight visible in foreground then I think it’s possible with CV activities
Cheers @RM_RPA

Have you used Get Attribute Activity and set property as checked

and based on that give a click activity

Ashwin S

@Palaniyappan we run the UiPath robot on the VDI machine; but I am curious how custom activity could help here and ho to approach it?