.net Basics

What are basic topics in .net required for RPA Process automation and also for the interview point of you. Areas to focus on in .net?.


basic includes
—String methods like Format,Split,Regex usage
—DateTime conversion and its methods like Parse and ParseExact
—AsEnumerable and it’s functions
—LINQ query and method
—Data and loop manipulation like for each loop, while loop and do while loop
—conditional operators usage
—arrays and collections usage and initialisation that includes Array, Lists and Dictionary
—Datatable methods like DefaultView, AsEnumerable
—Basic Macros for excel and vb scripts coding standards

This forms the basic level of things to be covered
Which is applicable for both vb.net and c#
As uipath is mostly covered with vb.net and now with new version of uipath we got an option to choose which Language to be used along the workflow as well

While to be complex
—we can learn a bit more in python, vb scripts to use their codings Ali g our process especially where we using API call like rest and soap with which we get fetch data from a application

Hope this would help you
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Thank you.

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No worries
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