Can you please advise on the following - In the designer panel, when I have nesting it is hard to follow which outline belongs to which? What is the best way to know?

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Hey @A_Learner

You may need to use the outline panel view for spotting the right one.

But that helps only if you followed proper naming convention for activity names.


Hi there @A_Learner,
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Where possible, I would recommend limiting the level of nesting used to ~1-2 levels, which should enhance readability.

In the event you find the flow is becoming challenging to read, it may be worth using a Flowchart instead, which handles complex decision-making better.

My general approach is, linear(ish) flows, use a Sequence, for more complex flows, use a Flowchart.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks once again for your support,

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Thank you!


Thank you for explaining!

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