Nested Word Application Scope issues


Currently, my Bot has one Word application Scope inside of another Word application scope. My issue is that whenever the Inner word application scope is finished and closes, it closes the outer word as well, which is still required to stay open.

Are there any ways to ensure the outer word application scope stays open?

**Start Process is not viable as it gives me an issue where it requires me to choose a default app to open with and crashes the bot.

Thanks in advance

May I know why we are using one within another here
Cheers @Eddie

One Word application scope should suffice. I don’t think you need the inner one.

What were you trying to achieve?

The outer one is for mail merge where i would grab the contents and email it out, and the inner one is an alternate flow where i’m supposed to record the contents down in a separate word document.

Thanks for the reply @Palaniyappan @drkeek

I hope each word application scope will have a separate file name with it or let it have same file name either
We can use them one after the another and that would work for sure
Ecause when the previous word document closes it will save the file and then only will proceed to the next one
Cheers @Eddie