Nested RDP Automation

Installing a Windows remote desktop extension without UiPath Studio installation.

Nested RDP Automation: [ Local Machine from where a remote connection is established to RDP Machine 1 and from where again a remote connection is established to RDP Machine 2 ]


As represented in the above diagram, the Remote Runtime component is needed (through which the RDP Extension can be installed, without installing the UiPath Studio) as explained below and mentioned in the UiPath Remote Runtime Architecture .

"When a process is started, the Robot sends out the necessary commands to the Citrix or Windows Remote Desktop extension via an RPC channel. This information package also contains details about the version of the UIAutomation package used to build the process. The corresponding extension then forwards the information package via an ICA virtual channel to the UiPath Remote Runtime component, which is on the Citrix servers or Remote Desktop machine."

If the UiPath Remote Runtime is not installed in the RDP machine, then the communication sent from the Robot becomes one way as there is no receiver (i.e RemoteRuntime) at the server end to process.

To install the RDP Extension without the UiPath Studio in the RDP machine 1, Please follow the below steps:
  1. Open command prompt
  2. Navigate to this directory in the cmd as shown below: [Directory will change as per the installation mechanism such as Program Files or Program Files (x86) ]
  1. Enter the command SetupExtensions.exe /rdpclient as shown in the image below:
  1. A successful message is displayed on the installation of the RDP Extension using the SetupExtensions.exe in the RemoteRuntime Folder.

Note: UiPath Studio need not be installed in the machine to install the RDP Extension. This can be done with the RemoteRuntime component.
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