Nested menue item clicks (e.g. Menu->File->New File)



Hi all,

i want to imitate nested menu item clicks (e.g. Menu->File->New File). When using Citrix recorder it is not possible to navigate to the nested menu items.

Do you have an idea how this can be achieved ?

Br, Dennis


Is target application inside citrix?
How about click text/ send hotkeys (down/right arrow keys).


Hi @ddpadil,

the target is not within Citrix. Let’s say you have menu -> font -> style.

If I use click and then use “indicate on screen”, I won’t reach style, because the indication stops when pressing the menu button.




Hit F2 after clicking on menu which give you 3 second delay in mean time open that menu and focus on font tab then you can perform the click on that.



to detect the correct window container is defining a selector with nested application window container with the help of UI Explorer.

So just click your application as “select target element” within UI Explorer e.g. and the nested container of the root container is build up like a tree. Then choose (double click) the nested menue item (e.g. menue sub item xyz) and it is dragged into your selector. Your selector can then be used to choose the correct element.

This only works for non-Citrix cases.