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I need to use send hotkey in my process, when the loop is iterating for first time, the send hotkey activity should be used once, if the loop is iterating second time, i need to use twice send hotkey activities and if the loop is iterating for nth time, the n send hotkey activities should be used. Can anyone help me how to do this.

Hi @nagini.pragna

below activity…


Thanks for the reply, my organization is not having that package, can you help me with other solution

Hi @nagini.pragna

tell the uipath version…

Hi @nagini.pragna ,

Could you Check the below Image on the Structure of the Loops that is Devised :

The First Loop will be your Original Loop i.e the collection of items that you want to Loop Through.

The Inner Loop on the Send Hot Activity is an Introduced one to Handle Repeated Execution of the Activity based on the number of times the Outer Loop has executed.

The index variable is declared on the outer loop as shown in the image which is of Type Integer. This variable holds the index value of the item in the Outer Collection. The index value Starts from 0 and as the loop increases the value of index increases by 1. Hence, this index can be used to identify the number of times the Outer Loop has completed execution.

The Expression Enumerable.Range(0,index+1) will make the inner loop to iterate/loop the number of times the Outer Loop has Completed Execution.

Let us know if the above method doesn’t work.


Sure, I will try and let you know. Thanks

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Hi @nagini.pragna

use do While activity…


Count as int32


It worked Thanks

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