Nested For loop never stops


I used “read range” activity and created 2 data tables .

i use followin logic

for each row in RAWDATA

… for ecch row2 in STATUSDATA

        if   row.somecolumnvalue = row2.somecolumnvalue



Instead of stopping after 329 rows …it is running forever …?

Main backup.xaml (21.6 KB)

Hi @allurai_india,

What is the expected result from these datatables?
why do you want loop ?


Hi @allurai_india,

May be the issue was with the link its is redirecting to the same sequence ,
i have highlighted in screenshot check by deleting the link.

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there is a commonn column called “Project status” in both the spread sheets .

I want to to kind VLOOKUP and the desisred columns in to OUPUT,XLs.

hi @allurai_india

Have you tried the lookup activity under data tables? Why not use that instead of looping?

Or else, You can use the Data Table Join activity to join the two data tables to find matching records. I believe these solutions are much efficient than having two loops

Sorry for that , I treied with that …but i need only 4 columns from both the spread sheet …
I am unable to find how to do it ?

with DATAlookup approach.xaml (7.7 KB)

That is not a problem. Use the data table join first. And in the output data table, you can use the Remove Data Table Column activity to remove the unwanted columns so that it will contain only the columns you require to write to the excel.

thanks so much …you save my day …

I was nit sure …how it was RE DIRECTING.,all this time…

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