Nested for each row

Hi all,I have a scenario where we need to check account number and that account number will have sub-accounts so bot must loop through all the sub accounts and upload phone and address of all that sub-portfolios after submitting for all sub portfolios only it can save the changes and same account number can have many documents to upload so it must submit all in a one go.any feasible solutions for this?


It’s difficult to say by this information

Can you give more insight by providing sample input, output files?



Yes if 12345-01 is the main account number ,we will be having 12345-02,12345-03 as it’s associated accounts.we have limitation like we can change the information only once like for 12345-02 we have one document to be uploaded and even another kyc document ,as we can save only once we need to loop through all the documents that particular associated account have and click on save.

Main account AssociatedAccount DoCname
12345-01. 12345-02. Doc1
12345-01. 12345-02. Doc2
12345-01. 12345-03. Doc2
23456-01. 23456-02. Doc1

Once it completes the loop for all the documents it must click on save.and then go to next account number