Nested data table

yes my inner table is the invoice detail table as highlighted by you

Ah.When your website structure is like that in the excel we can use the data scraping and the return value is Datatable variable. Can you try to use the DataScraping in your website and send it to me the value that you get. Thank you

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yes i am using data scrapping and getting the invoice detail in data variable and than this data variable i am writing in the customerInvoiceListTable as the second column (making it as inner table). Reading from website and then writing in the outer table is achieved. The problem is to read the inner table back from the outer table. it will help if you can give me xaml to read the inner table

by send the value to you . what do you mean? how do i send and what?

My problem statement again…
I have a DataTable with 2 columns, the first column is of type String(“customename”) and second column is of type DataTable(“invoicetable”).
To retrieve the data i am using For Each Row.
I am able to get the value for first column as its string.
:::::::::: row(“customename”).ToString
However, I am not able to retrieve data from the second column as it is a datatable. I do not know how to type cast it to Datatable. the below gives an object and now to use this object i need to convert it to a DataTabel object. I do not know how to do this type casting. Please advise on type casting, is it possible in Ui Path or its not and some workaround has to be implemented.
::::::::: row(“invoicetable”).???

Hi @msk,
Yes, you can access the nested datatable from a particular cell(i.e cell which contains datatable).
By converting that cell into datatable using below expression,
dt_Cell = CType(dt_Nested.Rows(0)(1),DataTable)

Where,index 0 & 1 means second cell of first row.

I’m attaching the workflow for your reference. AccesingNestedDataTable.xaml (9.9 KB)

Please mark it as solution, if it helped you.

@sharique.khan This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I learned how to change the type of object. Thanks

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