Negative time reported in Orchestrator

UiPath & Orchestrator Enterprise version 2018.4.3

Issue: AHT’s are being skewed and in some cases pushed into negative time, ref image below,

It wasn’t always this way, just happened over night and has remained this way for a while. We have a separate installation of Orc on a different VM which exhibits same symptoms.
I don’t have full access to investigate system logs and such with the VM’s (based on clients access and security policy).

Current hypothesis is an adjustment happened to the system time when this started. It’s not a huge issue but when it comes time to calculate benefits I wouldn’t want to under or over report.

Inb4 UiPath team advises I can raise a ticket because enterprise licence. I know, it just takes too long to get it all together, it’s not drastically urgent, and the community does come up with some good ideas.

Any Update on this issue, even I am facing the same issue