Needing to identify dollar figures over $10k in a string

Hi guys

I’m needing to identify if a figure of $10,000.00 or more appears in a string.

I assume it’s regex matching but I haven’t done that before!

The figure will appear similar to this:

No dollar sign, no spaces, and includes 2 decimal places, and it can be any figure over $10,000.00.

I don’t need it to tell me every instance of $10k or more, just if it appears at all.

Thanks in advance!

since you know you can try to extract similar strings with regex. why not work towards in understanding regex and write one for the string that you mentioned.

after which you try to parse it as a double.

you should take the initiative to learn stuff to accomplish what you are doing instead of asking others to feed you with the solution.

Hi @Sheri

Could you give this topic a look?

You could also see here.

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