Need your help to check the data in those cell correct

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dear All
please need help i have Excel sheet this sheet is update automatic form other sheet once open all excel sheet open there is two column one for date and other one for number of row this two column will update automaticly column(J) for date and column (K) for number of ROW i need after this data update i need to check if date match with date and number of row equel number of row and if match will complete other task if not match will send email with sheet name in column (I)

this is photo to expline my issue

Hi Mohammed_Abbas,

I can’t understand your requirement completely, but what I understand is to compare the number of updated rows and correct number of rows in the Summary sheet. For this, after reading the excel file and inside a for each row loop, first you need to skip the blank rows and compare the values in ‘column K’ and ‘column L’ by using the condition, cint(row(10)).Equals(cint(row(11))). If it’s not true use a send mail activity(SMTP or Outlook or Exchange mail) to send mail with body row(8).ToString(Sheet name). :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks dear for your support and update
data in Column J and K its update automaticly once from link sheet Column J for date and Column K for number of row some time the date in link sheet it be wrong like number of row wrong or date is wrong i want check if the date in column J equel today date and number of rown Equel L row if yes that mean ok
if and of them not equel go to column (I) and get the sheet name and send by email that men this sheet have wrong data
this i want to do
thanks dear for your help

Hi Mohamed_Abbas,

IN addition to the above, If you want to compare the date in ‘column J’ with today date, first convert the 2 dates to the same format. Ignoring the time is better, otherwise you won’t get a match.:grinning:

Use this condition to compare the date in column with today date.
convert.ToDateTime(row(1)).ToString("MM:dd:yyyy") = now.Date.ToString("MM:dd:yyyy")

For better understanding please see this workflow. Check_Date_and_Row.xaml (8.3 KB)
As I don’t have your excel input, I can’t guarantee whether it will works with your input or not. So just go through the workflow and make alterations as per your need.

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