#need urgent help ....How to Scroll and find element on dynamic web page

Scenario: On my website I have dynamic content so length of page varies but I have to select one table which can be present anywhere on the page. I need to scroll down once or multiple times to reach to that table so not sure how to select it in uipath. sometimes I don’t have to scroll down at all to see that table. And how can I determine in uipath that Now I can’t scroll down more.

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Does the data load as you scroll down?

What happens when you do “find element” or “element exisits” without scrolling down?

sometimes if the content is huge before that table it is visible only when i scroll down…so find element can’t find it without scrolling down as it is not visible on the screen

hi @shiwmishra,

I think it’s much easier for others to help you if you can give your web page.

Hoang Anh.

Use the Activity ‘Set Focus.’ This will bring the specified UiElement into view without needing to scroll. You could set the focus to your table, provided the table has a reliable selector.


Hi @shiwmishra You got solution for this issue?
Pls share

The only solution (I’d call a it kludge at best) I have found for this is a loop using Element Exists and HotKey(pgdn), but this doesn’t seem like the best approach. I posted asking if this is best practice, but no help.