Need Uipath.OCR activity 3.11.0


Anyone can share me the downloaded package of 3.11.0 from their packages.

Am getting an error as duwrapper.dll file is missing.

Path reference 1 : packages\UiPath.ocr.activities\3.11.0\build\net461\du_ocr_wrapper.exe
Path reference 2: packages\UiPath.ocr.activities\3.11.0\build\net461\du_ocr_wrapper\du_ocr_wrapper.dll

Can anyone check and lemme know whether this file is available in their package directory?


We can’t send you this package using UiPath forum, it’s too large (>10MB).
I don’t have that du_ocr_wrapper files inside extracted nuget, but UiPath doesn’t throw any error or warning in my case.
There is newer stable version of UiPath.OCR.Activities 3.12.0 - let us know if problem exists also in this version

I have tried almost all of the versions, still facing the same error.

Hi I have an simular error… but when i look in my packages the files are there.

Did you manage to fix this?