Need to write a business rule logic

Reframe Work: If a table having any blank cells. I need to throw A business exception…


Use if condition with below and in the then side use new businessruleexception("message”)

Dt.AsEnumerable.where(function(x) x.Itemarray.Any(function(y) IsNothing(y) OrElse y.Tostring.Trim.Equals(“”)).Count>0


Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

To obtain the rows where the columns contain empty values, you can use our Filter data table activity. You can add more OR conditions on the datacolumns according to your requirement for checking empty cells value.

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula
Follow this steps to Filter data…

  1. Read excel file by using read range activity and store the output as dt.
    2.To filter missed cell data used filter data table activity and store the output in dt1
    3.use dt1 in for each row and assign exception column" Col Name "is missing.
    4.then use write range activity to write the filter data in excel file. (30.4 KB)

Happy Automation…!!!:slight_smile: