Need to validate data based on condition from different sheet and store in same variable

Hi All,

I need to fetch some data from sheet “Brand1” like (Amount,Payment) and same data I will fetch from sheet “Brand 2”.

Scenario is like:-

If we have value in amount and payment from brand 1, fetch value and store in variable like var1.

If we do not have value in amount and payment from brand 2, than do not need to fetch data. And same vice versa.

And I am using getsheetname to fetch sheet name and use for loop to get sheet and start getting data from brand 1 sheet and store in “var1”. and loop run second time check data is there or value is 0. than it won’t store in “var1” variable.

Currently, what is happing , it is storing data from brand 1 sheet like amount=800 and payment=200.
And run loop for brand 2 it overridding var1 and make is as 0.

I have attached dummy file.

Any suggestions??

Dummy Data Form.xlsx (15.6 KB)


Use nested for each loop here. If you found the required match then assign the value to var1 variable and use Break activity to exit from the loop. So that it won’t overwrite the value.

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