Need to use click activity after disapearing a pop op message

Need to use click activity after disapearing a pop op message, i can use a specific time because its not the same every time


Hi @Soudios

Retry Scope (Set maximum retries and more retry interval)
         Element Exists (Check for pop-up existence)
         Click (Perform the action after pop-up disappears)

how can i do that plz ? Do you have a sample ?

Hi @Soudios

Cherck out this XAML file

18.10.2023_Forum_1.xaml (10.6 KB)


Instead of Image Exist activity you can also try with Element exist activity

i already tried this but the time out is not good and not same every time

This sample will wait untill the Loading image get disappear @Soudios


Retry properties

Check app state properties

Have look into the ss for Retry scope activity @Soudios


its not working

Have you tried like this? @Soudios , Surely it willl work.

You need to give the selector properly


I have this issue :

Have you check out this XAML file in this thread

yes its not working for me, i use sequence activity can you show me the same with sequence activity ?


Why not use wait for element disappear or check app state with a huge timeout…or the maximum timeout you feel it might take…

So that if it does not disappear in the maximum time also that si when it fails or it waits for a long time as well


@Gokul001 @supriya117
is it the right way to handle this ?
I don’t understand its clicking on the button before the element disapear, is it normal ?

You didn’t check this post @Soudios


Please use a check app state till disappear…

Or in the current setup have a high retry count…so that it retries multiple times before moving forward…

But still i would say best would be to use check appstate with disappear selection



its not like this ?