Need to split the text into exel within different columns

Please go through the attached image, Here I need to split the text data into excel in different columns. Please help me sorting this data.

Output should be in the format like
Work name, Muster roll no, Amount, Work name, Bill no and Amount.

Hi @Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

Could you provide us with the Expected Output in the form of Excel file?

It would help us confirm on the output format required and apply the logic accordingly.

Hello @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

Do you want to get this data from webpage and write it to excel? Or the requirement is something different?

If you want to write to excel from html, you can use Table Extraction.

Sample.xlsx (8.1 KB)
Dear Sir,

Please go through the attached excel file. I need the data extraction in the mentioned format.
Only the 1st and 2nd table that contains Work Name(Work Code)

@Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

Are you able to extract the table data as it is from the website or file ? Let us know if a file is being used or what is the source from where you are extracting the data.

As an initial try, Check with the extraction using Table Extraction or Data Scraping. Let us know what is the outcome.

Material data.xlsx (12.8 KB)
Dear Sir,

Please go through the attached excel file. Sheet2 is the data scrapping I tried. and Sheet1 is the output format.

@Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

Could you let us know how is the value for GP column extracted ?


Use Extract data table and write range activity to automate it.

@Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

Check the below Workflow : (20.5 KB)

Assuming the format remains the same, we could Read the data starting from A2. We could then Filter upto the last row of the First table by using Skip() and Take() methods. The Second table is also retrieved in a similar way but would need to change the column Names as required. We then perform a Join between two tables using the S.No as the key, then keep the required columns in the order required.

A Template file is used to match the required output. However, the Merging of the last row is not done. We could perform this as well if it is really required.

Let us know if this is not working as expected.

Dear Sir,

Thankyou for your response. But there is an error mentioned in the image. Actually This workflow should run for multiples like 13114 times.

Go through the link. You will be navigated to a web page. click on district, click on block and then Panchayat, and here Only 1st and 2nd should be extracted as mentioned in before sent file.
Please help me with this.

@Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

For the Error on Add Data Row Activity, Could you try prepending the below to the ArrayRow Property at the beginning and Check :

new Object()

For the Next error, Could you open the Expression in Text Editor and send the Screenshot ? Also, If there is a variable i in the Variables Panel, Delete it and Check.