Need to split a string variable

I need to split a string variable. In PDF document I can able to select the whole content. So need to split it to put in the excel. Help me.
Example: RO Number: OCT2019/PRSUP/00402/00
I need to split, RO Number as one string variable
and OCT2019/PRSUP/00402/00 as another string variable

In I tried to use the spilt function. But Not successful

Please help me with this

Hello @Kailash_Kumar

Welcome back to the community!! it’s been a long time since you were here last… 9 months :smiley:

So to split use this

YourStringVariable.Split(":“c)(0).ToString - This will give “RO Number”
YourStringVariable.Split(”:"c)(1).ToString.Trim - This will give “OCT2019/PRSUP/00402/00”

Let know if this helps


Thanks for the timely help @Lahiru.Fernando . It’s working…

Can you suggest me a good website to study…?

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Hey @Kailash_Kumar

If my answer helps, please also make sure to mark it as the solution too… It would help many in the forum…

Also, if you want to learn, these are some good sites…
VB.Net Programming Tutorial
VB.NET Tutorial for Beginners: Learn VB.Net Programming
VB.NET :How To Start Programming

There may be more online courses as well… These links will give you some basics

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Once a again a great thanks to you… :clap::clap:

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