Need to split a string that is Location - Address

I have an in argument that is coming into an address validation, it is coming from a scraped data row (Column-5")
str_ScrapedData_Address = row.Item(“Column-5”).ToString.ToUpper.Trim

in_Master_Scraped_Address = str_ScrapedData_Address

I need to split this because I need to compare location first then address to find a match.
str_ScrapedData_Address comes in as (Location - Address) example: Taco Town - 234 Main st

How can I split this into 2 variables I tried I created an assign
str_scraped_location = Split(in_Master_Scraped_Address,‘/’)(0).ToString
I get an error.


Please try this




Do you use VB? If so, we can use double quote to express string literal. Can you try as the following?



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