Need to search for texts and click hyperlink next to it


I have one scenario where I need to search for text on a particular web page where the text value will come from another web page. The text can be PyCharm or PhpStorm etc, after searching for it, i need to click hyperlinks below to it. See the below screenshot

Here, if i search for phpstorm then i need to click on active subscription below to it. If, i need to search for pycharm then i need to click on active subscription below that pycharm.

Likewise i have other texts as well and need to click similarly like this.
As you can see on the screen that if i search for “phpstorm” it will come more than one time or “pycharm” it will come more than time.

So how will i achieve this scenario , can anyone provide any suggestion on this ?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone please comment or this or suggest on this.

@ppr if you have any suggestion please let me know.

thanks in advance

can anyone please comment on this or give me an idea.
it will be very helpful.
Let me know if you need more details

it is a question of the website element structure where the links do reside. Please share some more details about this with us. Thanks

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hi davemitra

please gaive me link web page to try help you