Need to Run Process Publish to Friends Orchestrator (Uipath Apps)

In UiPath Apps I have Created a App and on a button click I am starting a process.
I have created a Folder in Orchestrator Named “UiPath Apps- Processes”. Where I am publishing the process for App.
I am using Community Ver.
I Publish the App and send an Invite to my Friend. He is able to view the App but when Clicking on Button, He is getting the following error.

Following are the access settings of the “UiPath Apps- Processes” Folder.

This is my 1st time, any help suggestions would be appreciated
Thank You !!!

@Gagan_Chaudhari ,

How is your bot configured?

In order to run ,make sure your bot is configured with a single user as unattedned and run.


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Thanks or the inputs.

My basic process was to Upload files to SharePoint list.
Do we have any other option to upload the files to SharePoint in Apps, instead of running the process ?

Thank You.