Need to Replace text in WORD Document

Hi I’m trying to Replace Special char with text in Word Document, we can do with by “Replace Text” Activity but problem is that special char is multiple times , so is there any option like to take reference?or How we can do that ,
Thanks in Advance


Do you want to replace that special character in all the places or only in one place ?

I have special character like *** in 6 places each place I need to replace with one variable


If you want to replace with same variable in all places then you can use below expression:

WordText.replace("***",“Your variable”)


Need to replace with different variables

Here is your xaml buddy (12.3 KB)

Hope this would help you


IS that working buddy, or do we need to tweak the workflow a bit @Ramakrishna

Here i need to replace *** with different variables , if we choose find and replace it changing all places so do not like that can we take any reference for name , ph, and address?

Here i need to change *** this with different variables.

Hey sorry i loggedin after a long time , i solved that case with VB script,


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