Need to read number from excel and click on the web page


I have multiple numbers / id in excel sheet, I need to read one by one number from excel and click on that particular number on web page. Please suggest solutions to achieve this.



From excel you will get one value from first row store that value in a variable and by using click text activity (give that stored value in it) you can click on that value in webpage make sure that you have attached to particular webpage.

@saili and use the excel and click activity inside a loop to perform multiple clicks.

Hello @saili

You can use a read range activity to first read the numbers in the excel file onto a datatable variable.

Next use a For each row activity to loop through the datatable
Within the loop, have the click activities to click on the respective numbers on the web page depending on the number you get in the loop for each iteration. Here, the selector of the click activity might need to be changed to make it dynamic to click on each number depending on the value you get in the loop.