Need to pull hierarchy of emails

Hi Team, I’m new user of UIPath studio. Still in learning stage. I would like to know can we pull the emails hirarchy of any team like … Project Manager, Team leads, and Team members or anyone reporting to Project Manager. Is it possible?, If yes, could you guide me please.

This was a tough task to code in VB or C#, but it is very easy to get the manager or whatever required and whatever you mentioned above using POWERAPPS. But that is some different tool to use. If you want to do the same in UiPath, a bit easy alternative is using powershell. Let me know if you are interested in using powershell

Hi Hareesh,

Thanks for your reply. I would like to use UIPath for this even though it is a bit difficult. Would like to pull the hierarcy, like, Prgram Manager, Reportees, Team Leads, Team members and their contact information(like contact and email) and department etc…,

I’m not sure if we have a predefined package or reference available till now to get the hierarchy. I did that in Powerapps, so just suggested that. Please let me know if you found any solution

Can you share what you have with me ,
how to get manager or director level


I did that in powerapps which is another tool, not in UiPath

can you share the Power shell code with me

This link helped me to get the things done