Need to provide username and password in user account control using uipath

I have a scenario where I have to run cmd as admin with command line or powershell.
when I am using cmd as administrator it is directing towards user account control page and there i am unable to automate, None of the uipath activities are working.
tried type into, set to clipboard, click, send hotkeys, element exists…nothing is working.

How to automate it?
Is it possible to automate user account control ?

Is it possible to automate

You need to run UiPath Studio as Administrator to let it scrape higher integrity level Widows Apps.

Right click the UiPath Studio. Go to the properties → “Shortcut” tab → “Advanced" → Check the “Run as administrator” box.

After you do this, UiPath will run as administrator every time. If you don’t want that right click on UiPath Studio and click Run as Administrator.

Still, I am not sure whether you can automate UAC window. Other option is to disable UAC but that will compromise system security.

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If there is only the “run” UAC dialog I used to automate this in a parallel activity. One starts the process, then the other waits some seconds and clicks the run button.

Hi moenk,
Thanks for the reply but when the bot try to send any value in UAC page the uipath is getting disconnected and process is getting closed.