Need to obtain the NEW row that exist in DataTable 1 but not in DataTable 2

Hi! I am become crazy looking for a solution to this:

I have 2 DataTable and I want to obtain the DT_Result as the Image:

I have 2 DataTables, in Datatable 1: I have information of workers such as: name, number ID, age…

and I also have a DataTable 2 that has the same estructure of DT1 but DT2 is feeding with new rows with information of new workers, so I have to compare 2 tables to obtain a new table with only the NEW ROWS.

So, have thought in obtain only the rows that has DIFFERENT ID_NUMBER after comparing DT1 and DT2. So I can obtain the new workers to process them…

I have tried Join Data Tables (Inner option) but it doesnt work
I also have done all codes from ‘Compare data tables’ topics in UIpath Forums and anything of that has resolved my problem :frowning:


Refer this

I have prove that and it doesnt work :frowning:
maybe because the rows that I want to remove are not identical: the information of the same worker in DT2 has changed in DT1…

The ID_Number is the only data that ARE IDENTICAL in worker of DT1 and DT2 the rest of the field as age could change…

Walk around would be If both the Datatable are having same column structure then you can merge this two Datatable and the apply Default view method to get the distinct values.

DataTable dt=dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, “ID_NUMBER”)